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About Me:

Alex Valadez a.k.a. Lexx began as a hobbyist until actively pursuing the profession in '09. Past art, drafting nd photography skills fuel his imagination, as the clients happiness continues to drive him. By 2012, House of Lexx was officially open and has continually grown. Enjoying all styles of tattooing his goals are to learn more hyperrealism techniques. He loves what he does, but still prides himself as a businessman first.

DeathStar by Lexx
Owl by Lexx
Skull, Sword, Snake by Lexx
Snake and Clock by Lexx
Sun on Arm by Lexx
Baby Groot by Lexx
MineCraft on Side of Head by Lexx
Money Rose on Hand by Lexx
Zombie Girl by Lexx
Black & Grey with Color Background by Lexx
RagDoll Bunny by Lexx
RagDoll King by Lexx
Star Wars Robot by Lexx
Flower on Hand by Lexx
Superman Symbol by Lexx
Dog Portrait by Lexx

Water Color Flowers by Lexx
Sports Brands on Hands by Lexx
American Flag by Lexx
Snowflake by Lexx
Lotus Flower by Lexx
Twisted Metal - Sweet Tooth by Lexx
Shark on Hand by Lexx
New School Birds by Lexx
Sea Horse by Lexx
Chicago Bears Skull Fan by Lexx
Zombie Hello Kitty by Lexx
Tazmanian Devil by Lexx
Finger Tattoo of Candy by Lexx
Watercolor Cat by Lexx
Orange Flowers by Lexx
Polka Trash by Lexx

Hot-Air Balloon by Lexx
Tiger Watercolor by Lexx
Anchor by Lexx

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