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Tattoos & Piercings

About Me:

Gabe Rocha began tattooing in 2010, with a continuosly growing passion towards becoming a better artist. By 2012, Gabe found a prominent position in a establishment located in the Rockford, IL area. In 2014, he began working at House of Lexx becoming an encouraging part of the team. His strengths are Black and Grey shade and line work, with a future goal of capturing more Horror Realism and Fine Art.

Black and Grey Aztec Piece by Gabe
Butterflys and Dreamcather by Gabe
Batman Symbol with Joker Inside by Gabe
Mirror and Decoration by Gabe
Jewel and Philagree by Gabe
Owl Eyes by Gabe
Bob Marley by Gabe
Dying Flower by Gabe
Eagle Flying by Gabe
Bird Priest Colorpiece by Gabe
Black and Grey Rose by Gabe
US Army Knife by Gabe
King with Aces on Hand by Gabe
Polka Trash Star Revolution by Gabe
Jesus by Gabe
Script on Side of Head

Malcolm X by Gabe
Biohazard Skull by Gabe
Sunflower and Quote by Gabe
Skull with Canadian Leaf by Gabe
Pixel Hearts by Gabe
Flower moving up Spine by Gabe
Horror Woman by Gabe
King and Queen Crowns by Gabe
Bear inside Claw by Gabe
Flower by Gabe
Evil Dead Scene by Gabe
Colored Skull on Hand by Gabe
Lips Tattoo by Gabe
Sexy Fairy by Gabe
Watercolor Flower with Quote by Gabe
Sexy Demon Woman by Gabe

Dragon on Shoulder Blade by Gabe
Star Engraved with Quote by Gabe
Skulls on Hand
Pinup by Gabe
Snake by Gabe
WaterColor Rose by Gabe
Skull with Headphones by Gabe
Anime Samuri by Gabe
Skull with Roses by Gabe
Japanese Mask by Gabe
Woman Posing by Gabe
Eagle Flying by Gabe

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